When night turns into day

Outdoor electric lighting came to Europe more than a hundred years ago. In the meantime artificial light - from villages, towns and cities, from streets and buildings, and even from cable-car stations – has vanquished the night.


Skyglow over Vienna


Light no longer serves to satisfy the human need for security; it is now a symbol of our affluence, something that is taken for granted and freely used, be it for advertising purposes, special effects or for leisure facilities.


Now that night on Earth is no longer dark, many species of animals and plants are confronted with changes in living conditions. Human beings, too, are affected by the disturbed rhythm of night and day and by numerous health problems as a result. Energy is emitted into the sky unused; the beauty of a starry sky is now only visible in remote areas, and the Milky Way is a natural phenomenon that many people are no longer familiar with.



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