A project writing history

Over ten years ago, the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman and the Tyrolean State Museums initiated a policy of cooperation on the subject of the careful use of light.


The Plight with Light benefits from the support and expertise of numerous partners and from funding provided by the regional and federal authorities and the European Union.


In 2002 the Plight with Light was chosen for the Ford Environmental Conservation Award, and in 2005 the project came first in CIPRA’s "Future in the Alps" competition.



As little lighting as possible,

as much light as necessary.

That is our motto and vision

- for the world of nature, the environment, human health and an infinite view of the sky at night!


DI (FH) Stefanie Suchy

Project leader

T +43 650 62 33 500



This website is an information platform for questions relating to light pollution. We would like to thank our partners for their support and the flow of information!


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